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June 25, 2010
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this machine by Satansgoalie this machine by Satansgoalie
this piece was inspired by a couple of things.

first, it's obvious that there is something going on in this country. people have long since picked sides and many will do anything to demonize and smear the other. as of right now our side is unable to beat the powers that be with force. our side is simply out maned and out gunned. however, we have a weapon that is better that guns. we have the internet and we have video cameras. exposing these corrupt officials and holding them accountable in front of the entire country via sites like youtube is the one thing they probably fear most...and it's working. which would explain the recent push to regulate the internet.

second, the phrase "this machine kills fascist" comes from one of america's greatest song writers, woody guthrie. he traveled around this country during the great depression writing songs that would become american classics. he is well known to have popularized the phrase during this time due to the fact that the phrase was often painted on his guitar. [link]

so, while thinking of the current state of this country and listening to mr. guthrie i was inspired and came up with this.

enjoy...or not. whatever....

oh,'ll be able to get this on a shirt soon over at my zazzle store.
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Actually, the Internet is the Bane of Fascism; it is what allows the Images of Corruption to be spread, and No, WE are neither 'outmanned' nor 'outgunned'.... Notice how the commies have given up on 'gun control'? they saw that by continuing to push that issue, they were headed down the road to civil war, which they would lose.
Have you noticed how Expensive Ammunition is these Days? supply and DEMAND.
I would definitely wear that on a T-shirt. The way the world is headed is sickening!
radioactiveoverflow Jun 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to see that t-shirt. Cool concept :)
also a fantastic anti-flag song
hellion Jun 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
And, all you have to do is send the un-edited tape to Mr Breitbart and all sorts of consequences happen for the tyrants!
DaOnlyOverlord Jun 25, 2010
I've often said that Big Brother forgets we too can spy on him. Excellent:clap::clap:
DarkKnightJRK Jun 25, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Great piece. :D
agreed. nice job.
I love your artist comments even more than the picture. Scary path down which America's headed. And sad.
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